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Us household income by ancestry vs per capita income in their ancestry country

Data is from Wikipedia


Most of the migrant groups in the USA have a household income above the median household income of the USA. Maybe this is why the USA is called the land of dreams.

Indians have the highest household income. And Indians are the only group who have household income more than twice the median household income of the USA. In recent years a significant number of new Immigrants to America is from India

2nd 3rd 4th positions are from Taiwan, Australia Philipines respectively. All this information is from American Community Survey 2018 1-year estimates. This also shows the importance of immigrants in the US economy. The brain gain of the USA from these countries is really good. These days difficulty of getting a green card is making it hard for people from these countries to migrate to the USA.

The USA still did not implement the point-based system. Most other immigration-friendly countries implemented this. The immigration system of the USA did not change much in recent years.